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Robert Flaherty
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Why Counselling?

There are many reasons why someone may wish to seek therapy. Sometimes, there may be an issue that dates back many years - something that you’ve been trying to push to the recesses of your mind. But perhaps you’ve found that despite your best efforts that issue keeps getting in the way of you moving on and being truly happy.

It may affect other areas of your life and it might have felt preferable to try and compartmentalise the issues and your feelings around it rather than deal with it. You may fear that talking about it might be like opening Pandora’s Box and that once it is opened you may not be able to close it again. But rest assured sharing the problem can provide the means to set yourself free and I will only ever take things at your pace. We will only explore the issue if and when you are ready to.

Alternatively you may be in the middle of a current crisis and need some space and support to enable you to cope. You might simply feel you are stuck, or at a crossroads, unsure of how to break the deadlock of a situation or which direction to take. Many people find that therapy enables a deeper understanding of themselves and their life experience. Whilst it doesn’t automatically offer all the answers, therapy does allow the client the personal space – with a non judgmental other - to really explore issues and perhaps meet themselves for the very first time.

The sessions tend to be conversational in style and are a collaborative process, whereby the client and I develop a clear picture of his/her world, relationships and feelings.

People seek counselling for many different reasons. These are just some of the issues I have helped clients explore:

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