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Humanistic Therapy

The Humanistic approach includes Person-Centred, Gestalt, TA (Transactional Analysis), Existential and Integrative. The Humanistic approach sits between the Psychodynamic and Behavioural approaches and can embrace elements of both. This model tends to be shorter term than Psychodynamic, but tends to be longer than the brevity of CBT. Therapists usually have a more interactive and equal relationship with their clients than psychodynamic therapists, and less of the purely teaching relationship of a CBT practitioner. Although Humanistic therapists consider it important to look at past experiences in order to understand the origins of behaviour patterns and belief systems, the main thrust is to help a client feel sufficiently empowered so they can take better control of their situation/life.

The model works in 3 stages:

Key names are Rogers, Berne and Perls.

Other therapies :

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